Tuesday, May 19, 2015

air max 1 aloha grasp Xiao soldier

air max 1 aloha grasp Xiao soldier

in the house, how should we beat" Air Jordan turned head to see eye two dog sons and smiled a little bit satisfiedly and also a little bit loved blood:"Now that Xiao the soldier spot opportune moment, a chock vital par.air max 1 alohat, let Wang Jia and Zhao Jia's person's horse sink into passive, so, I also give he come so for a while.He knows so result behind of facial expression, must be very fascinating.Hey!Hey!" . "Report!" "Speak!"Air Jordan, who arrives at below the hills, hides at a big tree behind, see under surroundings, see some persons still be going toward run here, he can etc., wait the brotherses all and arrive togeth. www.google.com er, just can a drum annoy to hurtle pass by. "Wang Jia Ping's battalion commander piece calls, the horse of several thousand Li Jias is laying siege to them.But he ask you to trust, although the other party number is many, can the weapon is very bad, the first attack was taken a person by him to at a stretch kill 100 people, now, family Lee dare with them to shoot." The biggest misgiving of Air Jordan'. air max 1 aloha s at heart on the whole is let go of. "Tell two elder brothers, if matter can not be, can give up Wang Jia.

air max 1 Ping, as long as guarding absolute being chair mountain, after the event my Air Jordan is to weigh." Open insur.ance, lookinging at two stranger horses and south city gates of 200 meters outside Xiao soldier has been more and more far, once Air Jordan beckon with the hand, and two dog sons sign a horse to lead long two horses to co.me over. Leap onto a horse, shout loudly a way:"The brotherses, is eat meat or drink sparse, see yours.Kill an enemy, bestow five pieces of oceans, kill a head of group, appreciate 50 pieces of oceans, grasp Xiao soldier, appreciate 1,000 oceans, give me blunt!" Face to add to appreciate, this is to boost morale the most familiar skill, very the tube is used. "Kill!" "Kill!Kill" See Air Jordan beat a horse to rush out, 300 escort brigades hurriedly make track for to go, even put guns .

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